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Short Synopsis
Selene Charles presents Book 3 in the Grimm Files series.

Full Synopsis
Welcome to a world of fantasy, fairy tales, and murder most foul . . .

Never should have been the end of my problems. I should be back on Grimm. With Hook. Hating Crowley. And working alongside my partner, the Hatter. But life rarely turns out how I expect. The Sea Witch, and oh, incidentally my mother, has told me I'm a witch. Not just any witch either, but one of the biggest bad. I wouldn't believe her, except I can do magick now.

Unfortunately I can't do enough to escape the predicament I'm in. Hook's dead. Crowley's dead. And I'm alone in a realm that hates my guts. And there has been a murder. My sister's, Aquata's. The realm blames me. I didn't do it, but I have no allies who'll believe me. Worse yet, my father—their King—was injured in the attack and he's now in a coma. I have days to prove my innocence before they toss me into the eternal pit of torment. Thankfully, I'll discover that I'm not as alone as I once feared. But trusting this person might very well spell the death of me . . .

"Chelsea Stevens and Shaun Grindell are back in this latest tale. As usual, Chelsea knocks it out of the park with her voices and emotion. Shaun is more used in this book with more alternating chapters from Maddox's point of view." ---Sound Commentary

"Once again Shaun Grindell and Chelsea Stephens narrate giving voice to the dual narrative of Elle and Maddox. Both narrators capture the protagonists emotions, sacrifices, and determination." --- Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"Shaun captures the voice of the Hatter well and I enjoyed the timber and tone of his narrative. Chelsea has more narration time in the story since she does the PoV for the main character and I think I like her a little better in each book." ---Books of My Heart

A Witch and a Fish

Author Selene Charles

Narrated by Shaun Grindell, Chelsea Stephens

Publication date Feb 11, 2020

Running time 8 hrs

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