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Short Synopsis
Taylor Spratt presents Book 3 in the Blood Moon Shifters series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Darkness has come to Dominion but is Amira truly to blame?

Accused by the Queen of Dominion of bringing Darkness to the world, Amira and her men must go on a quest to destroy three unholy objects in order to stop the darkness before it fully engulfs the world. Along the way danger abounds as these unholy objects are more dangerous than they seem, possessing dark magics powerful enough to kill anyone who dare come looking for them.

Like Amira didn't have enough on her hands, Ragnaron has joined their quest, sparking fierce conflict and competition with the Blood Moon Alphas as every wolf wants Amira for himself.

Alpha Logan has far from given up his plans of reclaiming Amira as his. And as usual, he's not averse to using dirty tricks to do it.

Can Amira and the gang destroy the unholy objects before darkness swallows the world whole? Can Ragnaron and the Blood Moon Alphas finally make peace so they can live happily with Amira instead of competing over her? Or will Alpha Logan reclaim Amira, dooming her to a life without the men she has come to hold dear?

Contains mature themes.

A Wolf Burned

A Rejected Mates Shifter Romance

Author Taylor Spratt

Narrated by Meghan Kelly

Publication date Aug 23, 2022

Running time 8 hrs

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