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Short Synopsis
Taylor Spratt presents Book 4 in the Blood Moon Shifters series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The stage has been set and the final showdown with the Demons of Darkness is here!

Hell has come to the world and the three sons of Darkness have ordered their demon underlings to rise up from the underworld and reek havoc across Dominion. A terrible plague is spreading throughout the land and thousands of lives are being ripped away. This is all part of the Demons' twisted plan. Their goal? To annihilate all Magical life, until only the demons remain.

Only Amira has the power to stop the all powerful demon trio . . .

But she is torn between her duty as the light bringer and her fears of putting the men she loves in harms way. They must venture back into the hole where it all began, in search of a powerful weapon. This is Amira's only chance to summon the power strong enough to banish her foes. But will Amira be ready for what's waiting for her down there? Or will the ghosts of her past come back to steal her light and doom her and the men she loves?

Contains mature themes.

A Wolf Freed

Author Taylor Spratt

Narrated by Meghan Kelly

Publication date Mar 28, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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