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Short Synopsis
A. C. Hadfield presents Book 2 in the Steve the Paladin series.

Full Synopsis
A zombie crime boss. Powerful black magic. Demon assassins. Otherwise known as Tuesday.

Meet Steve Firestone, late-night radio host and paladin. Since he joined the Arkane Academy for the Gifted and Strange, he's learned our world is full of supernatural monsters ripped from the pages of Dungeons & Dragons—and most of them want to eat or kill us.

That's where Steve and his new friends come in. That is, if Steve can learn to channel the divine power of his mysterious patron. Depending on whom he talks to, it's either a Cthulhu-like space-squid or a fallen paladin residing somewhere in Hell. Neither seems like an ideal source.

But it's not like he can conjure a god out of his backside, and beggars can't be choosers. Especially now that a zombie crime boss is wreaking havoc across England, gathering together the parts of an ancient journal that promises the rebirth of a dark sorcerer known as the "Deathbringer."

If Steve's to stop this resurrection and the inevitable fallout, he'll have to fix his issue with his patron and get to the bottom of a curse that has affected his family line before he too is consumed by it.

Aberzombie & Lich

A LitRPG / GameLit Adventure

Author A.C. Hadfield

Narrated by John Lee

Publication date May 31, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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