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Short Synopsis
Dakota Cassidy presents Book 10 in the Accidentally Paranormal series.

Full Synopsis
An apple a day keeps the Goddess in play . . .

Mythology buff Quinn Morris has always wanted to visit Greece, where her inner hardcore romantic envisioned proposing to her boyfriend. And she's finally here—with her friend Ingrid. She might not have found love at the Parthenon, thanks to her cheating ex, but she has found big boobies . . . and swirly purple eyes . . . and sparkling skin. Oh, and Greek hottie Khristos, who claims to be descended from a goddess and swears Quinn's the new Aphrodite.

With help from Khristos, and support from Ingrid's employers—Nina, Wanda, and Marty—Quinn has to learn all the tricks of the matchmaking trade, STAT, lest she has her new friend Cupid sticking arrows in all the wrong places. All while dealing with her man-hating mother, guarding her own heart from Khristos, and protecting herself from an invisible foe who might want to snatch Quinn's newfound powers from her—dead or alive.

Accidentally Aphrodite

Author Dakota Cassidy

Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Publication date Jan 31, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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