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Short Synopsis
The devilish new novel from the national bestselling author of The Accidental Human.

Full Synopsis
When mild-mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail, she has no memory of how she got there. But after her sister, Wanda, bails her out, Casey has more to deal with than a foggy memory-like abrupt mood swings and fireballs shooting from her fingertips. But things really head south when a vampire shows up on her doorstep...

Vampire Clayton Gunnersson is seriously hot. And seriously taken—by a demon. In a ritual gone wrong, Clayton tried to get rid of his unwanted bond, but spilled some demonic blood on Casey, getting her possessed in the process. Now, Casey has to share her body and manage to keep her growing attraction to Clayton in check, because falling for her demon's boyfriend just might get Casey killed—from the inside out.

"The narrator really does a great job on all these characters to me and makes them all different and fun." ---Doctor's Notes

"[Meredith] has the rhythm and sassiness of the series down pat. I have fun while listening and that is the overall nature of the series." ---The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

"It is never a dull moment in a Cassidy book as both the snappy dialogue and wacky high jinks ensure giggles and guffaws!" ---RT Book Reviews

Accidentally Demonic

Author Dakota Cassidy

Narrated by Meredith Mitchell

Publication date May 30, 2014

Running time 11 hrs

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