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Short Synopsis
Tonya Craft, a woman who prevailed against the most heinous accusations imaginable, shares her incredible story in Accused.

Full Synopsis
Tonya Craft, a Georgia kindergarten teacher and loving mother of two, never expected a knock on her door to change her life forever. But in May 2008, false accusations of child molestation turned her world upside down. The trial that followed dragged her reputation through the mud and lent nationwide notoriety to her name.

Tonya's life spiraled into a witch-trial nightmare in which she was deemed guilty before her innocence could be determined by a jury. Her children were taken away without even a good-bye, and her own daughter was forced to take the stand against her in a courtroom. The situation seemed hopeless, and Tonya was shell-shocked and heartbroken. But that didn't keep her from finding the strength to fight.

Accused is about more than Tonya's shocking trial and fight for justice. It is the story of a mother's extraordinary love, the faith that sees her through it all, and the forgiveness that sets her free.

"Accused, the true story of a Tonya Craft's fight against the criminal justice system, is much more than a blow by blow account of a woman facing a prosecutorial steamroller." ---Robert Whitlow, author of The Confession

"You will be amazed at the power of forgiveness and its impact on an impossible situation." ---Jan Silvious, author of Foolproofing Your Life and Same Life, New Story


My Fight for Truth, Justice and the Strength to Forgive

Author Tonya Craft

Narrated by Hillary Huber

Publication date Nov 17, 2015

Running time 18 hrs

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