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Short Synopsis
N. T. Wright delves into Acts, portraying early Christians' fervor in spreading Jesus's message globally. The book reveals church challenges and inspires our spiritual journeys.

Full Synopsis
The book of Acts bursts with the passion of early Christians embracing God's work and spreading Jesus's message worldwide. It also lays bare the challenges churches face, demonstrating that 'normal church life' has never been plain sailing. Acts is a dynamic narrative of journeys, trials, and triumphs, inspiring us in our own spiritual journeys. Acts, Part 1 spans from Luke's introduction to Herod's death in chapter 12.

The biblical text is thoughtfully divided into easily manageable sections, ensuring accessibility for listeners of all backgrounds. As you engage with this ancient narrative, you'll discover its timeless resonance with the spiritual quests of today's listeners, whether they are newcomers or seasoned followers of Jesus.

This expanded edition includes Wright's updated translation of the biblical text, supplemented by a new introduction and a dynamic study guide tailored for both group study sessions and individual contemplation. The inclusion of helpful summaries and thought-provoking questions makes Acts for Everyone, Part 1 an ideal companion for those seeking to explore the New Testament with fresh enthusiasm and profound insights.

Acts for Everyone, Part 1

20th anniversary edition

Author N. T. Wright

Narrated by Michael Page

Publication date Jan 16, 2024

Running time 9 hrs

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