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Short Synopsis
Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle present Book 10 in the Judge, Jury, Executioner series.

Full Synopsis
A planet in dispute. Farmers vs miners, and no one knows the full story.

The Federation sends Rivka and her team to resolve a case of settlers squatting on a remote planet when the owners finally came calling.

Not what it seems. Three generations of settlers and more. A planet that isn't as welcoming as it appears. Crops coming ripe. Miners ready to dig. Tempers flare as the sides face off.

Until the Magistrate gets in the middle of it with all the firepower at her command—the law, a calm voice, and a good railgun.

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

Adverse Possession

Author Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Chloe Cannon

Publication date Jul 18, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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