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Short Synopsis
Jez Cajiao presents Book 5 in the Rise of Mankind series.

Full Synopsis
The Dungeon falls silent. The trumpets of war sound nearer. The walls of our reality tremble.

Matt and many of his people are alive, and they've found a new ally, more or less, but the damage done to the dungeon and its future are beyond measure.

Time and great effort are needed to repair the cracks, to seal the warping and to rebuild, but the world after the fall isn't somewhere anyone can afford to wait around in. Matt and his people must push on, they must grow, they have to rise up if they are to have any chance of surviving, after all; The Nexus Gates are opening, and those that were hoped to be allies, or even one day friends, are not to be trusted . . .

Visitors will be coming soon, and who knows if a hand offered in friendship, hides a dagger . . . or a claw.

Age of Forged Steel

Author Jez Cajiao

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Sep 5, 2023

Running time 20 hrs 1 min

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