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Jeffery H. Haskell presents Book 4 in the Full Metal Superhero series.

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They don't call her "Arsenal" for nothing!

The forces of the entire Th'un Empire are about to come down on Amelia like a ten-ton hammer. Wanted dead or alive by ruthless aliens and with nowhere to run, Amelia must use every ounce of her brilliance to defeat them on Earth. But the Earth is just the beginning. The galaxy is larger than she realized, and their planet isn't the only one in peril. Amelia will be forced to make a decision no woman should ever have to make . . . for the Earth to survive, the Th'un must die. Every last one of them.

Alien Arsenal

Author Jeffery H. Haskell

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Publication date Sep 30, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 28 min

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