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Revered actor Stacy Keach presents his unforgettable must-listen memoir.

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Stacy Keach is known for movie roles like Fat City, American History X, the television series Titus, and of course Mike Hammer, but he's also revered in the industry as a serious actor who's passionate about his craft. In his long, impressive career, he has been hailed as America's finest classical stage actor, earning acclaim for his portrayals of Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, and King Lear. He has worked alongside and become friends with the giants of American culture, from Joseph Papp to George C. Scott, from James Earl Jones to Oliver Stone.

Keach's memoir begins with the riveting account of his arrest in London for cocaine possession. He takes listeners through his trial and his time at Reading Jail as he battles his drug addiction and then fights to revive his career. Keach poignantly reveals his acting insecurities and relationship struggles. All in All is full of priceless behind-the-scenes Hollywood moments and friendships—from his late-night pool and backgammon showdowns with John Huston to his passionate relationship with Judy Collins.

Incidental music composed and performed by Stacy Keach.

"This book contains Stacy's essence. . . . Masculine and sensitive, intelligent and leonine, he is a force." ---Alec Baldwin

"A quiet, warm memoir from a generous man who’s lived through a rocky relationship with the craft he adores." ---Oliver Stone

"Wisdom and great stories from a true master of our trade." ---Edward Norton

"Nonactors should find this relatively short, fast-moving memoir a pleasure to read, but drama, media and film students will find Keach’s insights invaluable." ---Kirkus

"Keach is the logical choice to narrate his own book, and fans will enjoy his deep gravelly voice, professional delivery, and genuine emotion. . . . this is a must listen." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"Prolific actor Keach, candidly narrating, here reflects on a career that has included numerous credits in film, television, and theater." ---Library Journal Audio Review
Author Interview
Stacy Keach

All in All

An Actor's Life On and Off the Stage

Author Stacy Keach

Narrated by Stacy Keach, Kate Reading

Publication date Oct 15, 2013

Running time 9 hrs 4 min

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