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Short Synopsis
Peter Brandvold presents Book 5 in the Bloody Joe Mannion series.

Full Synopsis
When the big, savage bounty hunter, Ulysses Xavier Lodge comes to town wanting to spark one of Jane Ford's pretty doxies at the San Juan Saloon & Hotel, Jane and two bouncers give the bear-like giant the bum's rush. Incensed, Lodge returns to the parlor house and shoots Jane three times in the chest.

Jane and Bloody Joe had been on the outs, their marriage dissolved, but now with Jane's life teetering on the edge, Joe realizes how much he really loves the pretty redhead and what a fool he was to let her go. Enraged and knowing he can do nothing for Jane in town—she's in a deep coma and only time will tell—Joe takes to the vengeance trail, shadowing Lodge high into the Sawatch Range.

Bloody Joe has faced some formidable foes, but none like Ulysses Lodge. With a snowstorm bearing down, Joe and Lodge go head-to-head in the high, stormy rocks where an angry wildcat might just have the final say.

Meanwhile, Henry McCallister finds himself falling in love with a pretty schoolteacher who is several years his senior. However, Grace Hastings is not whom Henry thought she was, and soon he and his former sweetheart, Molly, find themselves hunting lost treasure and fighting for their own lives.

All My Sins Remembered

Author Peter Brandvold

Narrated by J. Rodney Turner

Publication date May 16, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 28 min

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