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Short Synopsis
Katherine V. Forrest presents Book 1 in the Kate Delafield Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Tough and demanding LAPD Detective Kate Delafield is the leader of the investigation into a high-rise office building murder. The case is intriguing but routine—until Kate interviews the only witness, Ellen O'Neil.

When Ellen O'Neil took her new job over the objections of her lover, she wasn't expecting to become embroiled in murder. The curiosity that Kate Delafield rouses is equally unexpected. But it is never far from Ellen's mind that she is merely a name on an interview sheet to the tight-lipped detective.

Kate's thin trail of clues are enough to convince her that she is looking for an amateur, and amateurs are notoriously unpredictable and dangerous. She finds her path increasingly intersecting with that of Ellen O'Neil, who is proving unpredictable and dangerous in a far more personal way.

Amateur City

Author Katherine V. Forrest

Narrated by Kate Zane

Publication date Mar 29, 2022

Running time 7 hrs 26 min

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