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Short Synopsis
Jann Rowland presents a must-listen historical romance.

Full Synopsis
Elizabeth Bennet does not know what to think of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Having heard her new brother, Charles Bingley praise him to the skies, Invited to accompany her brother and beloved, Jane, to stay at the man's estate, Elizabeth wonders how he can possibly be as good as Charles claims.

At Pemberley, Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy is a diligent man, one sober and upright, a man engaged in the welfare of his estate. His sister, Elizabeth also learns, is a wonderful girl, a girl, unlike her own sisters who are often wild and uncouth.

Settling in at Pemberley for a visit, Elizabeth grows to love the estate, and her esteem for the master and his sister grow apace. But while Elizabeth is happy there, she cannot forget the events of the past year, which continue to plague her peace of mind.

Then an old enemy of the Darcy family arrives to wreak havoc on the Darcys, pulling Elizabeth's own family into his schemes. The question, in Elizabeth's mind, is whether Mr. Darcy's newfound appreciation for her can withstand the machinations of a libertine and the silliness of a reprehensible sister.

Among Intimate Acquaintances

Author Jann Rowland

Narrated by Mary Sarah

Publication date Feb 1, 2022

Running time 9 hrs 3 min

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