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Short Synopsis
Aubrey Wynne presents Book 2 in the MacNaughton Castle Romance series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A woman in love . . . An infuriating Scot . . . A tantalizing chase.

Kirstine MacDunn has loved Brodie MacNaughton forever. He returns her affection—as his best friend and confidante. After enduring one too many of his infatuations, she finally takes matters into her own hands.

Brodie knows it is his destiny to lead Clan MacNaughton, but his grandfather insists the honor goes to the oldest. When Brodie and his brothers struggle to convince the chief that tradition is not always the best path, he turns to Kirsty for support. She surprises him with more than advice. A kiss that sends unexpected fire through his veins.

Pride, Highland politics, and tragedy collide, proving Brodie's ability to lead. But when a resentful clan member's revenge threatens Kirsty, he realizes how precious and allusive true love can be.

Contains mature themes.

An Allusive Love

Author Aubrey Wynne

Narrated by Allie Rose

Publication date Mar 14, 2023

Running time 6 hrs 25 min

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