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Short Synopsis
Ella Summers presents Book 3 in the Immortal Legacy series.

Full Synopsis
Cadence Lightbringer has everything. The prestige and power that comes with being the Angel of Storm Castle. Her archangel husband and soulmate, Damiel Dragonsire, Master Interrogator in the Legion of Angels. And their son Nero, a miracle of magic, the first and only child of two angels.

But the Legion's mission to exterminate dark magic brings trouble to Cadence's door. What begins as a mission to apprehend a rogue angel escalates into a hunt for ancient relics that will turn her life upside down—and shake the very foundation of the Earth and every other world in the domains of heaven and hell.

Angel Fever

Author Ella Summers

Narrated by Holly Adams

Publication date Jul 14, 2020

Running time 9 hrs

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