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Short Synopsis
A major update of a bestselling classic, this book teaches listeners how to understand and manage episodes of uncontrolled anger.

Full Synopsis
If you've picked up this book, chances are you're someone with a serious anger problem. Your explosive temper has probably cost you jobs, friends, loved ones—maybe even your liberty. If it hasn't yet, it soon will, unless you do something about it.

This book contains a powerful and straightforward system for taking control of your anger and your life. This program is not easy, and it might even be painful at times—but it works. The book will teach you how your anger escalates and what you can do to change your angry thoughts and behaviors. Then it's your turn. When you make and keep that promise to yourself to stay calm no matter what, the happier, safer life you want will become a possibility.

With this book, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the causes of your anger
  • Avoid violence, blaming, and threats
  • Stay calm one day at a time
  • Change anger-provoking thoughts
  • Ask for what you want without anger

"This is essential reading for those who want less anger in their lives." ---Matthew McKay, author of When Anger Hurts

Angry All the Time

An Emergency Guide to Anger Control

Author Ronald T. Potter-Efron, MSW, PhD

Narrated by Bob Dio

Publication date May 24, 2016

Running time 5 hrs

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