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Short Synopsis
Rozsa Gaston presents the first book in the Anne of Brittany series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
When Anne of Brittany's father dies in 1488, she becomes Duchess of Brittany, her country's ruler at age eleven. For the next three years, the unmarried, orphaned duchess is pursued by suitors while Brittany is invaded by its larger, more powerful neighbor of France. With no other way out, at age fourteen she agrees to marry Charles VIII, King of France, to save her country. Better to be a queen than a prisoner . . .

Unexpectedly, a passionate relationship ensues. Yet Charles cannot shake off bad habits he has brought into their marriage, and Anne cannot help him in his darkest area of struggle.

Together, they introduce the wonders of the Italian Renaissance to France, building one of Europe's most glorious fifteenth century courts at their royal residence in Amboise, in the heart of the Loire Valley.

But year after year they fail to achieve the one most important aim they must accomplish to secure the future of their kingdom. As they desperately attempt to make their shared dream come true, an unexpected twist of fate irrevocably changes the fortunes of both Anne and Charles.

Contains mature themes.

“Gaston’s blend of royalty, young love, and the French Renaissance is enchanting.” ---Publishers Weekly

“A historically sharp and dramatically stirring love story.” ---Kirkus

“A romance for the ages, Ms. Gaston masterfully conveys the passion, heartbreak, and determination of this royal couple.” ---InD’tale Magazine

Anne and Charles

Passion and Politics in Late Medieval France: The Story of Anne of Brittany’s Marriage to Charles VIII

Author Rozsa Gaston

Narrated by Anna Parker-Naples

Publication date Mar 13, 2018

Running time 10 hrs

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