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Short Synopsis
This first sequel to Anne of Green Gables has our heroine beginning her new role as a full-fledged schoolma'am. Join Anne and her friends as they encounter accidents and adventures, scandal and romance, and at last, a wedding.

Full Synopsis
In the first sequel to Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery's feisty, redheaded heroine is now sixteen and a schoolteacher in the small village of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. Although older, Anne Shirley isn't necessarily wiser—and she hasn't outgrown her mischievous ways. Anne learns how complicated life can be when she takes two new orphans at Green Gables under her wings, meddles in someone else's love life, and learns about romance herself when she encounters the "odd behavior" of the very handsome Gilbert Blythe.

"Frasier never rushes, and she lets the lovingly detailed story unfold, creating again for us the beauty of Prince Edward Island at an earlier time."---AudioFile

Anne of Avonlea, with eBook

Author L. M. Montgomery

Narrated by Shelly Frasier

Publication date Aug 25, 2008

Running time 9 hrs

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