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Short Synopsis
Jake Bible presents the second book in his AntiBio series.

Full Synopsis
The Sicklands are burning.

Coffin Squad, a mix of GenWrecks and GenSOF operators, races from GenWreck base to GenWreck base, only to find death and destruction. The abominations of the Sicklands—the cooties—have systematically destroyed everything they have come across, all in the name of an entity that no one can find: the Other.

Now Coffin Squad, with the help of some unlikely allies, must leave the Sicklands and dive back into the Clean Nation stronghold of Caldicott City in a desperate attempt to keep GenSOF Command intact. Mysteries greet them, hordes of diseased citizens attack them, and one person shatters their perception of what it means to live in a world post-antibiotics. And it all leads back to the Other and the place where everything started—Control.

AntiBio 2

The Control War

Author Jake Bible

Narrated by Joel Richards

Publication date Nov 20, 2018

Running time 9 hrs

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