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Short Synopsis
A masterfully told—and deeply human—story of love, politics, and ambition, Adrian Goldsworthy's Antony and Cleopatra delivers a compelling reassessment of a major episode in ancient history.

Full Synopsis
In this remarkable dual biography of the two great lovers of the ancient world, Adrian Goldsworthy goes beyond myth and romance to create a nuanced and historically acute portrayal of his subjects, set against the political backdrop of their time. A history of lives lived intensely at a time when the world was changing profoundly, this book takes listeners on a journey that crosses cultures and boundaries, from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire.

Drawing on his prodigious knowledge of the ancient world and his keen sense of the period's military and political history, Goldsworthy creates a singular portrait of the iconic lovers. "Antony and Cleopatra were first and foremost political animals," explains Goldsworthy, who places politics and ideology at the heart of their storied romance. Undertaking a close analysis of ancient sources and archaeological evidence, Goldsworthy bridges the gaps of current scholarship and dispels misconceptions that have entered the popular consciousness. He explains why Cleopatra was consistently portrayed by Hollywood as an Egyptian, even though she was really Greek, and argues that Antony had far less military experience than anyone would suspect from reading Shakespeare and other literature. In addition, Goldsworthy makes an important case for understanding Antony as a powerful Roman senator and political force in his own right.

"The narration by actor Steven Crossley is superb, driving the story with a crisp British accent." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"Unlike many competing authors, Goldsworthy never disguises the scanty evidence for many historical events." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"[H]e constructs a plausible portrait of two practical romantics whose storied love followed the path of political advantage." ---Library Journal

"Goldsworthy skillfully integrates the partial and partisan source material into an accessible presentation of a classic tale from classical times." ---Booklist
Publishers Weekly Review

Antony & Cleopatra

Author Adrian Goldsworthy

Narrated by Steven Crossley

Publication date Jun 2, 2015

Running time 17 hrs 14 min

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