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Short Synopsis
Wolfe Locke presents a must-listen epic fantasy.

Full Synopsis
The Harrowing left the world of men in ruins and gave way to a world of magic.

Five centuries of chaos have passed unchecked since the great collapse. All that remains are the aging ruins, the magical wonders, the monsters . . . And other things entirely. For Zander, this is normal. He's a Summoner, a scavenger for his village. An elf. Though they call themselves post-humans. The demihuman races are all that survive in the world. A world overrun by the Draugr, but everything is about to change.

A chance encounter with a girl who shouldn't exist awakens Zander's powers. The powers of Necromancy. Now he's the only one that can save her. The last human. Maybe he can save them all . . .

Arcane Summoner

A Post Apocalypse Progression Light Novel

Author Wolfe Locke

Narrated by Stephen Bel Davies

Publication date Oct 26, 2021

Running time 5 hrs 22 min

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