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Short Synopsis
Julie Capulet presents Book 3 in the McCabe Brothers series.

Full Synopsis
Luna LaRoux has poured her heart and soul into her waterfront bar and restaurant, which has the best sunsets in Key West. The only problem is, Luna's best friend and business partner Josie is having money problems, and with twins on the way, Josie has no choice but to sell her half of the business. Actually, it's 51%.

Gage McCabe is spending the weekend in Key West when he ends up getting kicked out of his hotel for a minor indiscretion that wasn't even his fault. Stopping in to order himself a much-needed drink, Gage happens to overhear an interesting conversation. Between a very-pregnant majority shareholder and her stunningly beautiful—and deliciously desperate—business partner.

Gage can't resist. The bar is obviously a thriving business, and his new partner will just have to get used to him calling the shots . . . if she doesn't kill him first. It's this detail that frustrates him the most: she seems entirely immune to his charms. Unheard of. Gage is so sure of his own allure, he bets Luna his share that she'll succumb to his charms within a month—or the bar is hers.

Arrogant Player

Author Julie Capulet

Narrated by Troy Duran, Maxine Mitchell

Publication date Nov 10, 2020

Running time 6 hrs

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