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Short Synopsis
Verónica Gutiérrez presents Book 1 in the Yolanda Ávila Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Former LAPD cop turned private investigator Yolanda Ávila blames herself for her mother's death. If she'd only followed her cop instincts instead of the juju—her random prophetic dreams—the perpetrator would have been off the streets and her mother would still be alive. The only salve against her guilt is Yolanda's vow to reject that juju crap, and to solve cases using only good solid detective work.

But when her godson is kidnapped and his parents are suspected of murder, Yolanda finds herself caught between what she feels and what she knows. And with the escalation of the case comes the escalation of her dreams. Until she can no longer ignore their importance.

If she wants to overcome the guilt and deal with her pent-up grief, Yolanda must confront the juju and learn to trust its place in her life. If she doesn't, she risks losing yet another loved one. And she can't possibly let that happen.

As You Look

Author Verónica Gutiérrez

Narrated by Kyla García

Publication date Jul 26, 2022

Running time 7 hrs 20 min

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