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Short Synopsis
Zoe Parker presents Book 2 of the Facets of Feyrie series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ever get a job that sucks?

My name is Iza Black and my life is the sucky job.

I mean yeah, there are perks. Live-in maid service, free food, and I get this purple, sparkly aura thing. But there are way more bad parts. So many people, so much pain. Sleep has divorced me completely, and I'm living their nightmares now too.

I'm not sure I'm strong enough for this, that I can do what needs to be done. But I have to. Because it's my job . . . because someone needs to. These people need violence to meet violence. Hugs don't always fix things in our world.

Then there's Phobe. Frustrating, Phobe-the-jerk.

How does he fit into this, you may ask?

Well, you're about to find out.

Contains mature themes.


Author Zoe Parker

Narrated by Aiden Snow, Justine O. Keef

Publication date Apr 24, 2018

Running time 9 hrs 11 min

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