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Short Synopsis
T. C. Edge presents Book 4 of the Enhanced series.

Full Synopsis
"The door is opening for you, Brie. And now it's your time to walk through it. You have to find a way, dear sister. And you have to do it fast . . ."

Brie has finally married Adryan. She's finally made it to the High Tower. And now, there's nothing to do but complete her mission.

Surrounded by enemies, she soon finds that she has very few friends in her new home. And within a single day of arriving, she's facing tests of her new powers that will make or break the mission.

As tensions begin to boil over in both Outer, and Inner, Haven, events transpire that might just make her job even harder. And with no one else to help, it's down to her, and her new husband, to find a way to the summit.

The race is on . . .


Author T.C. Edge

Narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith

Publication date May 28, 2019

Running time 8 hrs

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