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Short Synopsis
Jeannine Colette and Lauren Runow present Austin, a must-listen Sexton Brothers novel. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
"Tell me a secret," I ask.

"I'm falling for you."

Austin Sexton is a bad-boy media mogul and heir to the Sexton Empire. On the outside, he's a whiskey-slinging bachelor with the world on a string. Problem is, strings break easily.

Deep within lies a war hero who refuses accolades. He buries his pain with his vices, and against my better judgment, I've become one of them.

No matter how hard I try to push him away, his secrets draw me in. This man, who appears careless, has passion. If I were looking for someone in my life, I could see myself falling for a guy like him.

Good thing love is the last thing I'm looking for.

Contains mature themes.


Author Lauren Runow, Jeannine Colette

Narrated by Amelie Griffin, Alex Kydd

Publication date Jun 18, 2019

Running time 9 hrs 15 min

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