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Short Synopsis
Awakening of the Seer is the third installment in E. E. Holmes's paranormal series The Gateway Trackers.

Full Synopsis
She can already see the dead . . . but is she starting to see the future?

Spurred by the injustices that nearly destroyed their family, Jess and Hannah Ballard are preparing to win back a seat on the powerful Durupinen Council. The odds are stacked against them, but that's never stopped them before. But as Hannah faces the harsh realities of political intrigue, Jess must face a frightening new reality of her own.

Jess made a promise months before, a promise to help the trapped and tortured Walker, Irina. With Irina's trial looming, Jess has her chance to make good on her word, but the spirit world may have other plans. Jess's gift as a Muse is shifting. Her talent as an artist is now offering her terrifying glimpses into a future she may be powerless to change.

Unspeakable tragedy looms ever closer. Will Jess be forced to stand helplessly by, or will she interpret the signs before it's too late?

Awakening of the Seer

Author EE Holmes

Narrated by Lyssa Browne

Publication date Feb 13, 2018

Running time 13 hrs 12 min

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