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Short Synopsis
The author of the Vegas Men series presents a new stand-alone novel.

Full Synopsis
I'm "The Baby Maker." I give women what they want, no questions asked. And I get paid to do it.

It's the easiest job in the world. No fuss, no mess, and I make a ton of money.

It was perfect. Then my next client walked in, and everything went to hell.

Elisha was the last person I expected to see. The girl that got away. Curves that could make a model jealous and come-hither eyes that turn my muscles to mush.

Her husband treats her like dirt. I'll treat her like the queen she is.

I screwed up once, but this time I'll do everything right.

No games. No regrets. I'm taking Elisha back. And this time, I'm not letting her go.

Baby Maker

Author Mia Ford

Narrated by Elizabeth Russell, Brandon Utah

Publication date May 21, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 2 min

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