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Short Synopsis
L. A. Witt presents Back Piece, a sexy, emotional journey about two people learning to love and finding acceptance for who they really are. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Colin Spencer is a tattoo artist with a past he'd prefer to keep a secret. Actually, he has a few secrets that he'd rather people didn't know about, which is why Colin doesn't do commitment. But when a shy sailor approaches him at the gym, Colin finds this guy pushing all his buttons.

Growing up in a conservative family, then escaping with the Navy, Daniel Moore is an unsure virgin who feels like he can't share his true self with anyone. Seeing Colin—and his tattoos—at the gym are the sign Daniel needs to finally get those tattoos he's always wanted, and maybe try his hand at flirting.

As Colin and Daniel spend more time together, their awkward hesitations turn into a deep passion neither expected. But with both men harboring secrets, will their relationship be able to survive their insecurities and become something beautiful?

Contains mature themes.

"Michael Ferraiuolo provides the narration for this story, and he was the highlight of this listen. His voice is smooth and draws you to listen, even as the story itself felt tiring and uninteresting, or more of the same." ---I Am Indeed Blog

Back Piece

Author L.A. Witt

Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo

Publication date Apr 9, 2019

Running time 11 hrs

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