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Short Synopsis
Danielle Garrett presents Book 7 in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries.

Full Synopsis
Just when I thought I'd seen it all . . .

After twenty plus years in the land of the not-so-living, I didn't think a ghost could surprise me. Consider that winning streak over. While looking for the perfect piece of Seattle real estate, leave it to me to find the world's first ghost detective.

Yeah, you heard that right. A ghost detective.

The Supernatural Protection Agency has written her off as the ghost who cries murder, but this time she swears she's onto something big. Something real.

Like a moth to a bonfire, I dive in headfirst, just in time for the trouble she's been following to take a U-turn.

Lucky me.

"Ms. Ronconi captures Scarlet’s kindness, generosity, and determination. But also convincingly voices her frustration when called for." ---That's What I'm Talking About

"Amanda Ronconi, as narrator of the series and other books by the author, is in a good groove so that the world of the stories, the characters, and pace are all to the good." ---Delighted Reader

"Ms. Ronconi gives each of the three primary ghost regulars distinct and appropriate voices, and her male voices are generally deeper and fitting." ---That's What I'm Talking About

Bad Ghosts Club

Author Danielle Garrett

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi

Publication date Jan 26, 2021

Running time 5 hrs

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