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Short Synopsis
From the bestselling author of Tulipomania comes Batavia's Graveyard, a spellbinding true story of mutiny, shipwreck, murder, and survival.

Full Synopsis
It was the autumn of 1628, and the Batavia, the Dutch East India Company's flagship, was loaded with a king's ransom in gold, silver, and gems for her maiden voyage to Java. The Batavia was the pride of the Company's fleet, a tangible symbol of the world's richest and most powerful commercial monopoly. She set sail with great fanfare, but the Batavia and her gold would never reach Java, for the Company had also sent along a new employee, Jeronimus Corneliszoon, a bankrupt and disgraced man who possessed disarming charisma and dangerously heretical ideas.

With the help of a few disgruntled sailors, Jeronimus soon sparked a mutiny that seemed certain to succeed—but for one unplanned event: In the dark morning hours of June 3, the Batavia smashed through a coral reef and ran aground on a small chain of islands near Australia. The commander of the ship and the skipper evaded the mutineers by escaping in a tiny lifeboat and setting a course for Java to summon help. Nearly all of the passengers survived the wreck and found themselves trapped on a bleak coral island without water, food, or shelter. Leaderless, unarmed, and unaware of Jeronimus's treachery, they were at the mercy of the mutineers.

"In a narrative reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, Dash describes the creeping sadism that sprang from Holland's religious conflicts . . . Dash has taken [the Batavia incident] to a new level of grotesque accuracy" ---Publishers Weekly

"Dash, with his access to an impressive array of original documents, produces not only a dramatic account of the disaster but a fascinating portrait of the inner workings of the 17th century's richest and most powerful monopoly." ---Library Journal

"A thoroughly researched, riveting journey into the heart of darkness." ---Kirkus

Batavia's Graveyard

The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny

Author Mike Dash

Narrated by Guy Bethell

Publication date Nov 29, 2016

Running time 13 hrs

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