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Short Synopsis
Cassius Lange and Castor present Book 1 in the Battleworld series.

Full Synopsis
The Great Ones arrived on Earth and conquered us with little bloodshed.

They collected our strongest warriors and shipped them off to a world called Hadran—a one-of-a-kind artificial planet, a cosmic gladiatorial arena where the slave races engage in blood sports for the Great Ones' entertainment. But Earth has lost the last of its real champions and now risks losing its candidate status. If that happens, it will become less than a slave colony.

Clint Rogan is a man fighting to survive in this new world. After a series of unfortunate events, he's ripped from his home, shipped off-world, and forcibly merged with a faulty symbiote. Power, speed, endurance, and the drive to kill are all at his fingertips. That is, if Sarien, his symbiote, doesn't kill him first.

Dropped into Terraria One, Clint and the other human contestants discover the human starting zone resembles the middle ages. With humanity's fate in the balance, Clint and the newcomers first need to rebuild the base, conquer the surrounding territory, and fight off alien enemies.

Can they survive long enough to give Earth a fighting chance? Or will the Battle World consume them just like the others before them?

Battle World 1

Author Cassius Lange, Castor

Narrated by Todd Menesses

Publication date Jun 21, 2022

Running time 15 hrs 22 min

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