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Short Synopsis
Cassius Lange and Castor present Book 2 in the Battle World series.

Full Synopsis
Clint Rogan and his team did it. They survived the initial hardships of Terraria One and came out much stronger than anyone would have imagined.

The human starting capital of Grimford had been rebuilt, new contestants had been trained to participate in the blood sport that entertained the Galaxy, and team Dread grew to legend status.

A new threat emerged and overshadowed everything they had worked for. It was larger than anything they could anticipate, a threat from the very ring surrounding Hadran.

Spurred by their victories and newfound foes, the team travels to Terraria Two only to be met with a less than welcoming host. While Grimford was a noob zone, Karak was a place of veteran fighters unimpressed by team Dread's accomplishments.

A lot had to be accomplished, and in a short time because there was a counter ticking away. A counter saying exactly just how few days were left before the tournament. A tournament that would decide much more than the fate of Clint's team.

Battle World 2

Author Cassius Lange, Castor

Narrated by Todd Menesses

Publication date Feb 7, 2023

Running time 15 hrs

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