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Short Synopsis
Catherine Cowles presents the second book in her Sutter Lake series.

Full Synopsis
She's on the run . . .

Tessa has finally found a safe haven in Sutter Lake, hiding in plain sight—just as long as no one asks too many questions.

He can't escape . . .

Liam knows better than anyone how one wrong word, a single whisper can ruin a life. After seeing the darker side of fame, he's desperate to retreat and find his voice again.

Two people from opposite worlds, brought together by a connection neither expected.

But the forces they're both running from still lurk in the shadows . . .

And you never know when they might strike.

Beautifully Broken Life

Author Catherine Cowles

Narrated by Maxine Mitchell, Aaron Shedlock

Publication date Nov 14, 2019

Running time 9 hrs 19 min

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