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Short Synopsis
Lisa Renee Jones presents Book 2 in the Necklace Trilogy. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
To the world, Dash Black is famous, wealthy, wildly good-looking, and intriguing. To say that he came into my life and shook my world is an understatement. He looked into my eyes and I swear our souls connected, but then, I saw what no one else was ever allowed to see. I saw a complicated man with secrets, a man who hides behind a persona that tells only part of his story. And ultimately, I felt his pain and he felt mine. He told me I belonged with him. I believed I did. But in the book of life, the pages don't turn with a simple flip of a sheet of paper. In life, sometimes the page won't turn. Sometimes we discover that what is right is more terrifying than what is wrong.

I love Dash Black, but he terrifies me.

I believe he feels the same about me.

And I'm not sure where that leaves us or what comes next.

Because I Can is the second book in the Necklace Trilogy.

Contains mature themes.

Because I Can

Author Lisa Renee Jones

Narrated by Grace Grant

Publication date Jan 18, 2022

Running time 5 hrs 9 min

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