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Short Synopsis
The debut story collection from poet and memoirist Elizabeth Kirschner.

Full Synopsis
"In her brilliant collection Because the Sky is a Thousand Soft Hurts, Elizabeth Kirschner fearlessly blends poetry, prose, memoir, and master storytelling into an amalgam that lands like a gut-punch to the soul. I literally found myself taking a deep breath at the beginning and the end of each story, to both steel and re-orient myself. There is nothing easy about the magic Kirschner casts; rather, its complexity serves to illuminate the indomitability of the human spirit in those deep, dark places where it would seem no spirit could survive. This is a devastatingly beautiful book." –Laura Hurwitz, author of Disappear Home

"Because the Sky is a Thousand Soft Hurts is a master stroke. Brimming with a hallucinatory spirit, these are less stories and more poetic and metaphysical voyages. In this collection, Kirschner gives voice to the disturbed and hopeful in her characters' psyches-penetrating the repressed, thrust into the sublime. In its earlier stories, Kirschner brilliantly reinvents the simile, with it granting every sentence a double-life; and the later sections prove not only beautiful in their prose, but with keen sense of narrative drive. A literary achievement, this collection rewards re-reading over and over again." –Jonathan Koven, author of Palm Lines and editor of Toho Journal

Because the Sky is a Thousand Soft Hurts

Author Elizabeth Kirschner

Narrated by Khristine Hvam

Publication date Jun 1, 2021

Running time 11 hrs

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