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Short Synopsis
A welcoming, nondenominational guide to prayer, with examples of how, when, and where to pray, individually or as a family.

Full Synopsis
Chaplain Kate Braestrup, the New York Times bestselling author of Here If You Need Me, has written a compelling new book on prayer for which her devoted fans have been clamoring. Beautifully written, with her astonishing signature stories of faith in action in real life, Beginner's Grace explains how to tap into grace with prayer—as well as how to pray, when to pray, and what to pray.

Love is Grace. You can't earn it. But you can always find it when you need it. The tried-and-true way to grace is through prayer—even through a simple "saying grace" before dinner. Yet in spite of hundreds of traditions and teachings about prayer, millions of people worldwide are unsure how to pray, or afraid they'll do it wrong, or worried that they won't be heard.

Writing in the beautiful, honest, personal narrative style of her previous two books, Braestrup explains the many ways we can pray, including where and when to pray, individually and as a family. She includes numerous examples of prayers to draw from—beginning with grace, a brief prayer of thanks. Braestrup offers listeners prayers for situations in which their own words might fail them—from grief and loss to a request for assistance from God—and offers suggestions for making prayers more meaningful and satisfying. And she invites listeners to explore forms of prayer that extend into the wider community, including prayer for those whom we don't like and with whom we may disagree.

Written with the insight and warmth that moved and inspired readers of Here If You Need Me, Beginner's Grace is sure to become a spiritual touchstone for people of all faiths.

"Braestrup's wonderful introduction to prayer belongs on your book shelf next to Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies and David Steindl-Rast's Common-Sense Spirituality." ---Mark Matousek, author of When You're Falling, Dive

"Thanks to Kate Braestrup for her liberating approach to prayer." ---Suzanne Oliver, coauthor of The Faith Club

"The tone of this book . . . is conversational and far from preachy. Narrator Susan Ericksen exactly matches it, offering a warm, breezy reading that engages listeners." ---AudioFile

"What books about prayer need most is more authors like Kate Braestrup.... An exquisitely informative, seductive, largely autobiographical, but no-holds-barred frank, presentation of one chaplain's own engagement with prayer." ---Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence

"Actress/Audie Award winner Susan Ericksen offers a lively, humorous, and, when appropriate, somber take on Braestrup's account." ---Library Journal Starred Audio Review

"Braestrup remains a persuasive pastor, praying right through the amen." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"[Beginner's Grace] confirms the comfort and grace afforded by prayer and its power to reveal the beauty of life, warts and all." ---Booklist
Library Journal Audio

Publishers Weekly Review

Beginner's Grace

Bringing Prayer to Life

Author Kate Braestrup

Narrated by Susan Ericksen

Publication date Nov 2, 2010

Running time 10 hrs

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