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Short Synopsis
In this supernatural thriller by Robert Masello, the bestselling author of Blood and Ice, Beth Cox is commissioned to restore a manuscript which will lead her husband, Carter, into a living, breathing menagerie of wonders and horrors.

Full Synopsis
A manuscript illuminated with fantastical creatures said to have roamed the Garden of Eden, the bestiary has been handed down throughout the centuries by one of the Arab world's most prominent families. Commissioned to restore it is the beautiful young art curator, Beth Cox. But it is Beth's husband, Carter—a paleontologist making his own dire discoveries in Los Angeles's famed La Brea Tar Pits—who will be led by the bestiary into a living, breathing menagerie of wonders and horrors.


Author Robert Masello

Narrated by Corey M. Snow

Publication date Jul 5, 2016

Running time 13 hrs

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