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Short Synopsis
Darynda Jones presents Book 2 in the Betwixt & Between series.

Full Synopsis
Forty-something Defiance Dayne only recently discovered she comes from a long line of powerful witches. Added to that was the teensy, infinitesimal fact that she is what's called a charmling. One of three on the entire planet. And there are other witches who will stop at nothing to steal her immense power, which would basically involve her unfortunate and untimely death.

No one told her life after forty would mean having to learn new life skills—such as how to survive a witch hunter dead set on killing her—or that the sexiest man alive would be living in her basement.

Whoever said life begins at forty was clearly a master of the underappreciated and oft maligned understatement.

"I loved reading the story, but listening added a whole new level of enjoyment from character interaction to antics. Traci Odom beautifully captures the voices and personalities of these characters." ---Caffeinated Book Reviwer

"Once again Traci Odom narrated and she did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. She voiced each of the characters distinctively so I always knows who is speaking." ---Totally Addicted to Reading

"Ms. Odom gives the perfect performance for the first person POV, 40-something Defiance. She exudes a worn-down but calm woman who is taking one day at a time." ---That's What I'm Talking About


Author Darynda Jones

Narrated by Traci Odom

Publication date Mar 30, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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