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Short Synopsis
Abby Brooks presents the second book in her Hutton Family series.

Full Synopsis
The first time Wyatt Hutton's pale blue eyes meet mine, they steal my breath—even if I only see them for a second before he refuses to look at me again.

He's older than me, by way too much, and if he had his way, our paths never would have crossed in the first place.

But our fate was written in the stars and while the truth of our families should keep us apart, life keeps bringing us together again.

Over and over, he's the only one I turn to when things fall to pieces. And when he's in need, my embrace is the only cure.

We fight our feelings. We fight our families. We fight fate.

Maybe it's time we fight for each other instead . . .

Beyond Love

Author Abby Brooks

Narrated by Brandon Utah, Heather Costa

Publication date Sep 18, 2019

Running time 6 hrs 2 min

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