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Short Synopsis
Abby Brooks presents Book 3 in the Hutton Family series.

Full Synopsis
I was six the first time I proposed. Twenty years later, will she say I do?

In Kindergarten, I fell in love with Maisie Brown. In seventh grade, she moved out of state. Now, she's back . . .

. . . but only for a week.

When fate brings Maisie back to me, it's clear life has been good to her. My childhood best friend, that shy little girl who never had enough to eat, she grew into a gorgeous woman wearing confidence like a designer dress. And the connection between us? It grew, too . . . into chemistry so explosive the world might catch fire. Six-year-old me was a genius. Maisie and I were made for each other, even if she does like to "go, go, go," while I prefer to "go with the flow."

But my roots—my family, my business, my history—are firmly planted in Key West and her shiny new life sparkles in Los Angeles. When this week ends, so does whatever this is between us . . . along with my chance to make good on my childhood promise.

Beyond Now

Author Abby Brooks

Narrated by Brandon Utah, Heather Costa

Publication date Jan 28, 2020

Running time 6 hrs

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