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Short Synopsis
Abby Brooks presents Book 4 in the Hutton Family series.

Full Synopsis
Two roommates. One pact. A kiss that changes everything.

Moving in with Eli Hutton was supposed to keep my heart safe. After both our relationships crashed and burned, cohabitation seemed like a no-brainer. A reset from chaos back to stability. A chance to protect one another from Cupid and his stupid little arrows.

Sure, he's adorable . . . Hilarious… Gorgeous . . . And so charming he makes me feel like the brightest star in the sky . . . Alright, fine. The man is a sinfully sexy angel sent to tempt me each and every day. (Don't judge. No one can resist him. You'll see.)

All that aside, Eli's like a brother to me. And for him, I'm just one of the guys.

But somewhere along the line, I did the one thing I swore I wouldn't. I fell in love. With him. It was only a little—at first. Then one accidental kiss sent my traitorous heart into overdrive.

I swear, it's just a phase. I'm sure it'll pass with time. I just need to keep my feelings secret until things go back to normal.

Then again, the heart wants what the heart wants . . . and mine wants him.

Beyond Us

Author Abby Brooks

Narrated by Brandon Utah, Heather Costa

Publication date Mar 31, 2020

Running time 6 hrs

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