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Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist David Rohde examines the cardinal failing of Washington's war on terror.

Full Synopsis
Beyond War: Reimagining American Influence in a New Middle East distills eleven years of expert reporting for the New York Times, Reuters, and the Atlantic into a clarion call for change. Here Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist David Rohde exposes how a dysfunctional Washington squandered billions on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, neglected its true allies in the war on terror, and failed to employ its most potent nonmilitary weapons: American consumerism, technology, and investment. The author then surveys post-Arab Spring Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt, and finds a yearning for American technology, trade, and education. He argues that only Muslim moderates, not Americans, can eradicate militancy. An incisive look at the evolving nature of war, Beyond War shows how the failed American effort to back moderate Muslims since 9/11 can be salvaged.

"[People] interested in American foreign policy and sustainable development will appreciate the book's substance and approach." ---Publishers Weekly

"A stirring account of where American Middle East policy has gone wrong. . . . A clarion call for change and more---not less---engagement with Islam." ---Kirkus

"Narrator Patrick Lawlor is appropriately informative throughout this exploration of America's role in the Middle East." ---AudioFile

"Patrick Lawlor provides a narration that is lucid, dynamically paced, and conveyed in a tone that avoids the flat delivery that is all too common in nonfiction audios." ---Library Journal Starred Audio Review
Library Journal Audio Review

Beyond War

Reimagining American Influence in a New Middle East

Author David Rohde

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Publication date Apr 18, 2013

Running time 6 hrs

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