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Short Synopsis
Eve Langlais presents Book 2 in the Big City Lycans series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
This detective is bringing the handcuffs—and the bite.

When Brandy finds herself accidentally mated to a werewolf, she's totally cool with it. If only Detective Gruff felt the same way. The man is so darned scared he runs away to a remote cabin in the woods.

Lucky for him, Brandy isn't about to give up.

Billy never wanted to get hitched. He'd seen firsthand with his parents how ugly it could get. He never counted on meeting Brandy, a feisty nurse with a bubbly outlook on life who looks past his grumpy façade.

It isn't just danger that brings them together. She is temptation itself.

When she's taken from him, he realizes he'll do anything, even unleash the big bad wolf, to save her.

Contains mature themes.

Big, Bad Gruff

Author Eve Langlais

Narrated by Juniper Young

Publication date Apr 18, 2023

Running time 5 hrs 15 min

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