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Short Synopsis
Vernon Coleman presents Book 2 in the Young Country Doctor series.

Full Synopsis
Bilbury Grange is the second in Vernon Coleman's series of Young Country Doctor books. The place is the English county of Devon. The time is the 1970s. A young doctor, just married and in a new home (a vast and rambling country house in desperate need of repairs and renovation), has taken over a small village practice when suddenly the authorities decide that the village isn't big enough to have its own doctor. The villagers decide otherwise. Bilbury is the village everyone dreams of living in. It's the village where people speak to strangers and where doors are left unlocked.

Bilbury Grange is the story of village life in the 1970s, and it centers on the young doctor and his lovely wife. But it's also about the people who live there, and it is a story of great happiness and joy, some tragedy, and many dramas.

Bilbury Grange

Author Vernon Coleman

Narrated by Rory Barnett

Publication date Jan 21, 2020

Running time 9 hrs 22 min

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