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Short Synopsis
Debbie Cassidy presents Book 1 of the Witch Blood Chronicles series.

Full Synopsis
Being left behind to hold the fort every time the world needs saving, sucks.

For Carmella Hunter, a witch blood with practically no magick, being surrounded by powerful friends has taken its toll. For once it would be nice to be the one doing the saving. Stuck in a dead-end job in Piccadilly's favorite bakery, Carmella spends her days making cinnamon rolls and her evenings feeding the homeless, all the while dreaming of making a difference.

One huge pastry order for the Covens annual meet and an attack of flu germs leaves Carmella delirious with a fever—too delirious to avoid a fateful bargain with a djinn named Paimon. Bound to do his bidding, his seductive voice in her head and his infuriating arrogance make the partnership a trying one. With Paimon, Carmella gets her first taste of power. A power she must use to track down the monsters hunting Paimon's people. Suddenly Carmella isn't so helpless anymore.

Things get complicated when her boss, and close friend, goes missing, and the enforcement agencies don't seem too bothered about looking for a celestial dancer who likes to sleep around. With the help of Mal Banner, the Piccadilly Coven Elder Witch and self professed playboy, Carmella finally has the opportunity to be the hero she's always wanted to be.

But someone doesn't want Carmella digging. Someone will go to any lengths to make her stop.

"I think [Zehra Jane Naqvi] did most of the voices in this very well and I completely liked the narration." -Books of My Heart

"[Naqvi] truly captures the personality of Carmilla." -That's What I'm Talking About

"Zehra Jane Naqvi did a fantastic job narrating." -Caffeinated Reviewer

Binding Magick

an Urban Fantasy Novel

Author Debbie Cassidy

Narrated by Zehra Jane Naqvi

Publication date Feb 20, 2018

Running time 7 hrs 19 min

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