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Short Synopsis
Michael Anderle presents Book 5 in the Chooser of the Slain series.

Full Synopsis
Valerie Kearie is still dealing with the issues behind her brother's pain.

Unfortunately, another group has decided to "elevate" the poor, the weak, and the easily susceptible and help them achieve greatness. Or Death. They do not care which.

Introducing a new drug, Ambrosia, to the streets of America provides the organization with money and cannon fodder, so what's the downside?

Valerie and Jake must work with a foreign agency to outwit, outthink, and out gun the mastermind. Can Jake and Valerie help and still keep Valerie's secret?

Kat hasn't gone away. In fact, Kat is still with Hawk, making his life a living nag-fest. Will Kat help or hinder the investigation?

Jake is supporting Valerie for the moment, but where will he need to be when the chips fall?

When the Chooser of the Slain is on an operation, everyone needs to keep their wits about them.

Black Wings

Author Michael Anderle

Narrated by Megan Tusing

Publication date Aug 8, 2023

Running time 8 hrs 23 min

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