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Short Synopsis
A must-listen romance novel from the author of Delay of Game. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Two women with nothing in common meet at the blackjack tables . . .

Ellen Turcotte's messy divorce forces her to take a break from her life. She'll go back, after some rest and relaxation. When her best friend suggests a diversion, she's quickly smitten with the allure of cards and the intriguing stranger who never seems to lose a hand. Surely she can play with dangerous temptation, just this once.

Courtney Langford's favorite date is with Lady Luck. Ever since she missed a connection and avoided a deadly plane crash, she always comes up aces. Cards, women . . . seduction is just another way to win. Why should the lovely Ellen be any different?

But Ellen turns out to be a wild card in a game Courtney has been trying so hard not to play.

Tracey Richardson puts all the cards on the table as two women decide if they're going to bet on love.

Contains mature themes.

Blind Bet

Author Tracey Richardson

Narrated by Sophie Daniels

Publication date Oct 25, 2022

Running time 9 hrs 2 min

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